Installazione Kit Fire Pass

Modular, simple and safe: three characteristics that best describe FIRE PASS, the most economic of the wood floor and roof pass-through systems. Usable exclusively in combination with ISO 25 and ISO 25 RAME systems, FIREPASS is available for any type of installation and with two distinct colour finishes, stainless steel and copper, to best accompany the chimney system installation even in terms of aesthetics.

Data sheet

    CE product marking according to European regulation EN 1856-1:2009 (product reference ISO 25 - ISO 25 RAME).
    Coated mineral cupel; kit also contains AISI 304 Stainless Steel centring ring, protective ceramic paper and AISI 304 Stainless Steel or natural copper finishing rosette.
    Protection for modular metallic chimney systems (conduits, smoke ducts, metal chimneys, air extractors) connected to atmospheric, pressurised, blown air, conventional or condensation heat genera- tors, as well as kitchen hoods for domestic or industrial use. Espe- cially used paired with chimney systems for wood burning heaters, stoves, or pellet stoves.
    Internal installation.


    80 - 100 - 130 - 150 - 180 - 200 - 250 - 300. The section indicated corresponds to the internal diameter of the relevant ISO 25 - ISO 25 RAME system. For product dimensions spe- cifications, consult the relevant technical table.
    500 - 1000.
    2 years.
    Do not use in fields of application different to those proposed: con- tact out technical office for further specifications relating to types of generators or applications different to those highlighted in this technical catalogue.
    We suggest you to strictly follow the indications included in the “use and maintenance handbook” or in this catalogue.


Breve testo descrittivo Stainless steel BA exterior finishing
Breve testo descrittivo Natural copper exterior finishing
Breve testo descrittivo Painted rusty
Breve testo descrittivo Matte black painted

Data sheet