Installazione Ventil - acciaio Inox 304

Briefly. Single wall stainless steel AISI 304, BA finish, ideal for clean air transport and in general all the channeling systems. Mechanical joining with locking band or sealing collar (the latter for improved stiffness in sub horizontal sections) the system VENTIL is today the winning choice for installations where aesthetics and design of the rooms is fully mated with a solution fulfilling and ... of great quality! Complete the system a wide range of outlets, grilles and diffusers rest in order to connect directly to the extraction / evacuation engines.

Using. Clean air transport, air-conditioning, evacuation of stale air from rooms and technical areas, air diffusion: these are just some of the possible applications, in full compliance with European standards and the strict laws in force in Italy.

Installation. Male junction with female plug..and you’re done! VENTIL system is a practical choice, safe and simple: the meticulous attention and care in the calibrations male and female is guaranteed a perfect seal in coupling with the possibility of rotation of the product to 360 °, avoiding alignment problems typical of conical systems, screw and combined. For a perfect seal and mechanical traction is recommended to use of the special locking clamp, available in two different versions for practical and aesthetic needs.

Data sheet

    Product marking “CE” according to the European standard EN 1856-2:2009.
    Austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 BA (EN 1.4301).
    Clean air treatment, ducted air handling systems, air extraction from local and utility rooms, cooling and ducted heating.
    External or internal installation.


    80 - 100 -110 - 120 - 130 - 140 - 150 - 160 - 180 - 200 - 220 - 250 - 300 - 350 - 400 - 450 - 500. Up to 1200 on request.
    2 years.
    Do not use for application fields different from those therein ex- pressed: contact our offices for further technical information covering applications in the presence of halogen vapor (eg. laundry - ironing - chemicals laboratories).
    We suggest you to strictly follow the indications included in the “use and maintenance handbook” or in this catalogue.


High temperature System

Re-piped System with gasket

Duct with gasket

Data sheet