Esempio di Iso Air


Double wall insulated with mineral wool high-density, inner wall of stainless steel AISI 316 L and the outer wall of stainless steel AISI 304: simple, convenient and safe. The air chamber between the two walls of the system provides excellent thermal resistance at medium/high temperatures (up to 600° C) since there is no possibility to form convective motion between them, in just 10 mm gap. Mechanical junction with locking band and seal, practical and compatible with all De Marinis products, ISO AIR system is generally combined with conventional or condensing boilers, but also kitchen hoods and pellet stoves with a maximum pressure operating at 200 Pa and temperatures up to 600° C. Thanks high technological standard of production, even ISO AIR system is composed of several elements in order to better adapt to any need…and there’s more: De Marinis has also the possibility to produce, certify and also ensure the items “on size”, sometimes useful for address the issues of site and streamline installation costs. Remember also that ISO AIR system is covered by an exclusive product warranty of 10 years old, 5 times as much as required by European standards, voluntarily released by De Marinis.


Wet and cold fumes, typical of condensation boilers, or dry with high temperatures, such as pellet stoves or conventional boilers, for positive pressures or natural draft the right product to solve the problems of the flue system footprint, without forgetting functionality and safety. To guarantee also excellent quality is the superior welding between the walls of the system that gives each article right rigidity, preventing phenomena of detachment or misalignment between the walls, annoying and disabling during installation.


Install the elements of the system with the junction of the female internal wall facing towards the top of the flue system (follow the “sense smoke” on the label): then engage the next element with the male inner part facing towards the boiler and tighten with the special locking band, ensuring perfect mechanical seal system: easy? Of course, much easier thanks to the technical De Marinis, who will be on hand to provide the mounting pattern based on technical measures for each site.

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Data sheet

    Product marking “CE” according to the European standard EN 1856-1:2009.
    Internal wall: austenitic stainless steel AISI 316L BA (EN 1.4404).
    External wall: austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 BA (EN 1.4301)
     Metal flue systems (ducts, flue pipes, metal chimneys, air conduction) produced by heat generators like atmospheric, pressurized, air blown, traditional or condensing, domestic or industrial kitchen hoods, wood stoves, fireplaces or pellet stoves.
    External or internal installation.


    Internal wall: 80 - 100 - 130 - 160 - 180 - 200 - 250.
    External wall: 100 - 120 - 150 - 180 - 200 - 220 - 270.
    10 years.
    Do not use for application fields different from those therein expressed: contact our offices for further technical information covering different types of generators or applications in the presence of halogen vapor (eg. laundry - ironing - chemicals laboratories).
    We suggest you to strictly follow the indications included in the “use and maintenance handbook” or in this catalogue.


Iso Air - Stainless steel BA exterior finishing Stainless steel BA exterior finishing
Iso Air - Natural copper exterior finishing Natural copper exterior finishing
Painted on RAL definition exterior finishing Painted on RAL definition exterior finishing

Flue system / flue-duct resistant up to 200 Pa and wet fumes

Flue system with high temperature, wet or dry fumes and negative pressure too

Data sheet